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Candid photography is the art of capturing the natural expressions of subjects, without giving the appearance of ‘being posed. ‘The best candid photographs are achieved when the subjects are in motion and are not aware of being photographed. However, this may not be possible in a photo studio setting. However, there are some tricks that can be used by photographers to engage the subjects and capture candid photographs with ease. At MeriYaadein Photo Studios, expert photographers can take candid shots with ease.

Great Observation Skills

Taking candid shots requires great observation skills. Photographers need to train their eyes at capturing a specific pose without disturbing the subject or giving them directions. MeriYaadein Photo Studios has expert photographers who are America-trained and have developed the skills needed to capture great candid snaps.

Since the subjects should not be posed in candid photography, it requires the expertise of seasoned photographers who are aware of the best techniques to get natural-looking photographs of subjects. Whether it is intended for couple photography or family photography, the idea is to capture natural-looking snaps of the subjects, often with their eyes not focussed on the camera.

We Are Always Ready To Capture The Perfect Candid Shot

Candid photography requires the photographer to be ready with his/her camera to capture candid snaps, when the moment arises. This requires the lenses to be in place, batteries charged up, appropriate lighting used and the camera to be positioned at the right angle to capture flattering images of the subjects.

Getting the right snap can take a few seconds or even last several minutes. Added to the challenge is to capture subjects in action, when they are making a gesture or expression. The best technique is to have the subjects perform or interact with another person to evoke reactions from them. Engaging in their favourite hobbies or talking about their interests can get the ball rolling, while photographers can be ready to capture the perfect candid snap.

MeriYaadein can also work with you for an outdoor photo session that creates some great candid snaps. Selecting scenic outdoor locations or a sunny backdrop can add colour and life to an otherwise dull portrait. Whether you are looking for a candid family portrait or a candid couple portrait, MeriYaadein Photo Studios is the place you should head to.

The Quality Of Composition Is Comparable To The Best

Interested in having a professional photographer capture candid photographs? Get in touch with MeriYaadein Photo Studios at T.Nagar, Chennai. The photo studio is well-equipped with some of the best camera equipment and lighting gear in the industry.

We give the utmost priority to the quality of composition and our photographic prints speak volumes of our professionalism. With a passion for photography and our focus on customer satisfaction, you will only want to return for more.

It is time to create happy memories and capture them in the form of candid photographs. Get started by visiting MeriYaadein website and book your photo session today.

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