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MeriYaadein Photo Studio in Mumbai, India is the answer to your search for contemporary family portrait photography and baby photography, Mumbai. Known as a city of glamour and Bollywood industry, it is one of a kind photography studio which provides a free photo session like no other studios. There are very few studios that specialize in the family portrait photography and MeriYaadein Photo Studio, Mumbai is one of them.

The state-of-the-art MeriYaadein Family Portrait Photography Studio in Mumbai treats its customers with utmost care. A pleasing and friendly staff welcomes and gives personal attention to make their customers feel comfortable and special, also giving them the confidence to face the camera, to capture those candid moments.

It is always a challenge to get the right capture when you have a group of 15-20 relatives at one location. MeriYaadein family portrait photography studio does exactly the way you imagined. With trained and experienced photographers from the U.S., they understand exactly how to capture the candid moments. You can frame those moments in a family collage, frame it at your bedside or put it in a family portrait.

All the customers who make their family portraits at MeriYaadein, Mumbai, India get an access to the family website for 30 days. Now you would wonder how is that going to help. Wouldn’t you like all your special family events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other special events get displayed on a website for everyone to see? MeriYaadein captures those moments in the most unique and extraordinary way for you to share them with your family and friends without any hassle.

Seeing your favorite uncles, nieces, cousins and aunties in one frame would have never been so wonderful. From capturing their personality you’ve loved them for, the MeriYaadein professional photographers captures them exactly the way you like to see them. This makes the photos special and unique like never before. These become family portraits for a lifetime!

MeriYaadein also has state-of-the-art photo studios in Bangalore spread across 6 locations with specializations in children, maternity, mommy and me, daddy and me, matrimonial and baby photography.

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